Think 40 is over the hill? Think again.

What happens when you start to find your inner badass and it happens at the age of 40?  You do something crazy like train and compete in a bikini competition.

Why a bikini competition you ask?  Well why the hell not.

Top tips for the 40+ bikini competitor wannabees.

1.  Enjoy every moment of standing next to any woman on that stage.

2.  Take a few extra months to figure out the macros that work for you.

3.  HIIT training is your friend (especially if you get bored doing traditional cardio)

4.  There are a lot of old school trainers that expect you at the gym for 2-3 hours a day.  Nobody's got time for that!

5.  The women competing again you in the age categories are AMAZING!

6.  You will be naked in a room with multiple women while you get a crazy ass tan.

7.  Make sure you are doing this for you.  It will keep you motivated.  

8.  A support system is mandatory.

But the real top tip I can give you, is to own yourself on that stage.  You can train all hours of the day but if you get on the stage and leave Beyonce at home, you have no chance of walking away with a trophy.

Oh one last thing...the events have some really cool trophies.  My first competition I won a sword :)

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