Peak Week is in Full Effect

My upcoming competition is coming up way too quick! It's Saturday and today is Sunday...nerves are already setting in.

I have increase my cardio and water intake for today so can't go to far from home.  Drinking more means lots of potty breaks.  It reminds me of potty training the kids.  I had them drink more so they would be given the chance to pee more :)

Today I travels to Northern Virginia to get the chance to meet other competitors - truth be told, I don't know anyone who has done one of these competitions and I have never gone to one are welcome to call me crazy.

What makes a 40 year old women want to put on a crazy small swimsuit and prance on a stage?  Well after my mom passed away, I have done something for myself every year.  For the past 3 years, I ran a half marathon every year. (truth be told I'm signed up to do one this year but that may not happen) This year my challenge was preparing for this competition.  Not sure what next year will bring.

I'm in the best shape I have ever been.  I can now do 3 pullups which is a huge accomplishment for me :)  An added perk to my fitness goals, my son and daughter get to see what it means to be a strong, powerful female.

Till next time...I made myself a shirt for the day.


  • It’s great that you’re doing something new to challenge yourself every year. I am younger that you, but I could never run a marathon or do pullups. I do love doing a long 10-15 mike hike. Slow and steady walk :) Good luck on your competition.

    Herlina Kwee
  • Hi Melanie, all the best for your competition, way to go girl!!

  • Go for it! You’ve worked hard & have every reason to be there. My fitness trainer enters similar competitions & at first she didn’t know what to expect but she says everybody was so lovely ? Good luck

    Linda Hobden
  • Good luck in the competition!

  • I hear you on all that water. I am impressed w/ what you are doing!

    Carol A Cassara

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