10 Days Out to My First Bikini Competition

I'm officially into Peak Week for my first bikini competition.  I know I'm crazy.

So who am I? I'm a 40 year old, wife, and mother of 2 (IT is 10 and ET is 7). I started taking kickboxing 2 years ago when we moved back to Virginia from short stay in South Carolina. About a year ago, I started teaching a few kickboxing classes and really loved it.  But I'm a person who needs to work towards something.  Enter a high school classmate, who started preparing for this type of competition and the seed was planted.

I spent about a year deciding if this was something I really wanted to do.  I wasn't your high school cheerleader, one of the popular kids, or even someone considered "cute".  I was a red headed, rule follower, who can't dance.

This competition is for me.  It is to prove to myself that I can do something totally out of my wheelhouse.  So here I am 10 days out with faint ab lines.  I'm ready to take on those other women who are out to prove something to themselves also.

It is my new found love of lifting that started this blog.  Enter Living, Loving, Lifting!  I can't wait to see where the next 10 days will take me!



  • Good luck, and way to step out of the norm!

  • You sound very driven in your quest and I admire your motivation. Hope it all goes well and it’s great to connect through your blog. Deb from Deb’s World.

  • You have the body I dream to have! You are truly more of an inspiration than you know! Get it girl!

  • You are such an inspiring lady, wow! What an amazing experience and I wish you all the best with your training this week, and for the rest of your journey afterwards!

    Em Linthorpe
  • Good luck with your competition! I haven’t seen a bikini since before my first child! Here’s to victory!



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